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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you charge a monthly fee? What is the monthly fee for?

The ongoing monthly fee covers the significant costs that I incur every month to keep the database updated constantly, to provide you with the updated PageRank of each of the + sites in the database (since the PageRank of each site changes constantly), and to locate at least 450 - 500 new high-quality sites that are willing to exchange links with you every month.

There is no long-term contract or commitment and you can cancel the monthly payment at any time and for any reason simply by sending an email to me.


What guarantee do I have that LinkExplore will help me get top rankings in the search engines?

When you purchase LinkExplore, you are protected by my risk-free, unconditional, 120 day money-back guarantee.

Try out my software, risk-free, for a full 120 days and see whether it works for you.

If you do not get top rankings in the search engines after using LinkExplore or if you are not satisfied with LinkExplore for any reason whatsoever, I don't want you to pay a single, red cent for it. Simply send me an email by going to http://www.linkexplore.com/support/ and ask for a refund.

Within 24 hours, I will issue a refund to you of each of the $49.95 payments that you have made until that date.

And even if you ask for a refund, the Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript bonus (worth $197) and the Anatomy of a Search Engine Campaign book (worth $97) that is included with LinkExplore is yours to keep for ever.


I have heard that link farms can get my site penalized by the search engines. Isn't LinkExplore a link farm? If not, how is LinkExplore different?

A link farm is a concept in which a group of website owners who have websites that are not necessarily related to each other get together for the purpose of improving their link popularity.

The idea is that if you join a link farm, your site will link to every other site in the link farm and every other site in the link farm will link to your site.

That way, every site improves its link popularity.

While this is theoretically all very well, the problem is that Google and the other search engines absolutely hate link farms and will penalize your site if it finds that you have participated in a link farm.


That's because link farms serve no real purpose other than to improve your link popularity. This means that link farms exist SOLELY for the purpose of improving your link popularity.

And that's the reason the search engines don't like them (and rightly so).

So, while link farms might sound like an extremely easy way of improving your link popularity, in practice, you will be taking an enormous risk if you join a link farm.

However, LinkExplore is NOT based on the concept of link farms.

The crucial difference is that LinkExplore helps you locate sites that are RELATED to your site, i.e. sites that would be of interest to YOUR visitors (with link farms, you will be exchanging links with a lot of unrelated sites).

This means that LinkExplore not only helps you improve your link popularity, it also serves a useful purpose in terms of providing related links that are relevant to your visitors.

And that's the reason neither Google nor any other search engine will ever have a problem with your site if you use LinkExplore. You aren't using LinkExplore solely for improving your link popularity - you are also using LinkExplore for providing valuable information to your visitors.

There are also other important differences between LinkExplore and link farms:

Link farms give the same set of links pages to each of its members. Because of this, your site will contain pages that are almost exact duplicates of the pages present in the sites of other members of the link farm - a practice that the search engines strongly disapprove of.

With LinkExplore however, YOU decide which websites you want to exchange links with. YOU decide how you link to other websites and how those websites link to you. Your links pages are unique pages that only contain links that you have chosen. So, with LinkExplore, you create a set of links that are tailor-made for you.

Therefore, unlike link farms, with LinkExplore, there is no possibility of your site containing pages that are duplicated on other sites.

Furthermore, if your participate in a link farm, the pages provided to you by the link farm will not match the overall design and look-and-feel of your site.

But, LinkExplore helps you create pages that exactly match the overall design and look-and-feel of your site.

This means that no one (either a search engine or a human visitor) will have any reason to think that the pages do not belong to your site or have been automatically generated by using some software.

Lastly, most link farms require your site to link back to the site that manages the link farm. However, LinkExplore will never force you to link back to my site.

LinkExplore simply automates what Google itself has long recommended - i.e. that website owners approach other RELATED websites and exchange links with them in order to add value to the visitors of both sites.

Thus, unlike other link exchange programs, with LinkExplore, you will NEVER have to worry about your website getting penalized by Google or any other search engine - because LinkExplore is based solely on techniques that Google and the other search engines themselves recommend.

With LinkExplore, you can sleep well at night knowing that you aren't doing anything to accidentally get penalized by Google or any other search engine.

This is what a LinkExplore user and fellow search engine optimization expert said about why my software will never get you into trouble with any search engine:

"I'm very skeptical when it comes to products that automate any portion of Search Engine Optimization. I figure that anything that can be created automatically can be spotted automatically, and thus be eventually accounted for by the search engines and removed. The same goes for automated linking related software - I've never found one that I'd use nor recommend to my clients; either they leave clues on the website, or look like spam to a potential linking partner.

LinkExplore is my one great exception to this rule. LinkExplore allows me to take a very time consuming part of SEO and make it much more tolerable. I can make the elements that it automates look as personal as I care to, or use the templates for complete automation. I'm recommending it to all my clients and friends."

Nathan Anderson
Search Engine Optimization Expert

Nathan Anderson

I have a new site. Will I still benefit by using your software? Why would any other site want to link to me?

My software works just as well for new sites as it does for well-established sites.

If you have a new site that doesn't have good link popularity right now and does not get too much traffic right now, you are correct in wondering why any other site would want to exchange links with you.

Luckily, LinkExplore was built from the ground-up to be extremely effective even for new sites.

If you have a new site, LinkExplore will provide you with a unique strategy that you should adopt when you are asking other websites to link to you. This unique strategy is explained in more detail in the help file that accompanies the LinkExplore software.

Using this unique strategy, you will be able to get hundreds of sites to agree to link to you (even if those sites are older and have better link popularity and get much more traffic than your site).

So, regardless of whether you have a new site or a well-established site, my software will help your site get top 10 rankings in all the major search engines.

Here's proof from one of my customers that LinkExplore can get you top 10 rankings in the search engines even if you have a brand new site:

"As search engines are filled with so many so-called directory sites getting top placement in the travel industry, I thought I was at at a dead end trying to get a new travel service in the engines.

Well... I stumbled accross LinkExplore and in just a few days (I'm talking days) our new site became a Google PageRank 4 AND already getting some great search engine listings.

It's truly amazing how easy this software is. I checked my email this morning and 3 travel orders were fulfilled. Went to my server stats and YES! we're on the first page of Google.com for my most important keyword!

And I have only used the software for a total of 2 hours!"

Scott Patton
webmaster @ worldspacemedia.com
Playa del Rey, California


Your software sounds fine, but will it actually work for MY site?

Regardless of the nature and topic of a site, my software can help ANY site get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.

My software has been designed to be so versatile and flexible that you will be able to use it on ANY site and get that site top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.

I have a site that is targeted at customers outside the U.S. Will your software be useful for me?

My software works just as well for non-U.S. based sites, as it does for U.S. based sites. So, even if you have a site that is targeted at customers outside the U.S., my software WILL help you improve the link popularity of your site and get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.

So far, LinkExplore has been successfully used by customers in 22 different countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Russia and South Africa.

So, no matter what country your site is targeted at, LinkExplore WILL help your site achieve top 10 positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.


I have heard that Google has made some changes to its algorithm in November 2003. Does your software take these changes into account?

LinkExplore is completely compatible with the changes that Google had made to its algorithm on November 15, 2003 (the so-called Florida update).

My software takes into account the changes that Google had made to its algorithm on that day and ensures that your website is completely compatible with those changes.

Also, the help file that accompanies my software will provide you with several tips on how to deal with the changes made by Google.

LinkExplore is also completely compatible with all the other tweaks that Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines have made to their algorithms over the last few months.

Plus, as the search engines continue to continuously refine and modify their algorithms in the future, my software will also continuously evolve and take into consideration the changes that the search engines make.

This means that when you use LinkExplore, you will NEVER have to worry about your website becoming incompatible with any changes that any search engine makes in the future.

My software will always be with you every step of the way, so that your website always remains at the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines.


Why do I need your software to improve my link popularity? Can't I do it myself?

Since LinkExplore automates what web site owners were earlier doing manually, you could certainly do it manually if you wanted to.

However, doing it manually only makes sense when you have a lot of free time on your hands.

If you are like most small business owners I know, you are really hard-pressed for time.

In such a situation, it does not really make sense to do it manually.

Furthermore, LinkExplore comes with an outstanding book on search engine positioning called "Anatomy of a Search Engine Campaign".

If you are new to search engine positioning, the book will give you a step-by-step blueprint of exactly what you need to do in order to get top 10 rankings in Google.

This book would not be available to you if you did not use LinkExplore.

Also, when you use LinkExplore, you will get numerous tips on how to maximize the results from your reciprocal linking campaign.

Even most search engine positioning experts do not know about these secret techniques.

Once again, these tips would not be available to you if you did not use LinkExplore.


Does your software require that I link to your website from my site?

No - unlike other link popularity programs that force you to link to their sites from your site, you are under no obligation to link to my site at all.


Which search engines will LinkExplore help me get top rankings in?

LinkExplore will help you get top 10 rankings in all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Hotbot, Lycos, Altavista, Netscape, IWon, Alltheweb, Teoma and Wisenut.


What will the pages that LinkExplore creates for my web site look like?

The pages created by LinkExplore will have exactly the same look and feel as the other pages in your web site. This ensures that no one - be it a human visitor or a search engine - feels that those pages do not belong to your site or that they have been created by using some software.


What are the system requirements for using LinkExplore?

LinkExplore can be used in any computer that has Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows ME.

If you use an Apple Macintosh, you may be able to use LinkExplore if you install a Windows emulator program in your computer.


Can I use your software for multiple sites?

Yes, you can now use LinkExplore to promote an unlimited number of sites!

Until a few months earlier, LinkExplore was limited to promoting 5 sites. Customers could upgrade to an unlimited site license later by paying us a one-time fee of $297.

However, for the first time ever, you can use LinkExplore to promote an unlimited number of websites without having to pay any upgradation fee!


Do I need to be an expert with computers and web sites in order to use LinkExplore?

You do NOT need to be an expert with computers and web sites in order to get top 10 rankings using LinkExplore. LinkExplore is so intuitive and easy to use that even a novice will be able to use it to get top 10 rankings in Google.

Unlike other software programs, you don't need to spend hours trying to figure out how LinkExplore works before you actually start using it - you will be up and running as soon as you download and install it.

Furthermore, LinkExplore comes with comprehensive online help which ensures that you will never be stuck not knowing what to do.

Lastly, when you purchase LinkExplore, you are also entitled to receive free email support for as long as you continue to use LinkExplore. Hence, if you do face any problems in using LinkExplore (highly unlikely, but let's just say that you do), you will never be stranded without knowing what to do. You won't have to waste time trying to solve the problem yourself - I will be there with you every step of the way.

How can I provide support for free? This is because I know that my software is so simple and easy to use that there will hardly be any questions from my customers. But if you ever do have a question, I will be standing by to answer them.

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